Residental Building "Zagrebska"

Residental Building "Zagrebska"

The new luxury residential building on Zagrebska Street, in Ovcha Kupel district, consists of basement and six floors. The last two are developed as maisonettes with unique distribution. As there is no other building with such height, each of the dwellings has a favorable exposure and a unique view. Unique part of the building are the ground floor apartments with their own courtyards, which have a direct view and access to the landscaped courtyard. In apartments in the building are two and three-bedroom as well as a couple of multi-room / maisonette / apartments.

The heating is designed with individual gas boilers for each dwelling. The gas boilers are detached in special niches outside the façade and are easily accessible for inspection and are decorated with metal louvres in the context of the overall vision.
The construction is monolithic reinforced concrete, the partition walls are made of ceramic brick bodies and the facade is 8 cm. thermal insulation system. The roofs are flat. The common parts with unique details and quality: floor - stone flooring, staircase - by architectural detail, walls and ceilings - latex; parapet - by architectural detail, elevator - luxury, by Otis. A comfortable hydraulic lift will take the cars to the basement of the building.
Stage of construction as of 05.05.2015. - Pouring of reinforced concrete slab at elevation +0.00
Stage of construction 01.12.2015. - Certificate under Art. 181, para 2 for stage reached Rough construction.
Protocol art. 15 - from 28.10.2016.

The building was delivered on 01.02.2017.

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