Vodopadite (The Waterfalls) Wing 1

Our new project in Manastirski Livadi - "Vodopadite" (The Waterfalls) is 200 meters from Todor Kableshkov Blvd., locked between the streets "Kostenski vodopad", "Ivan Kirkov" and "Boyanski vodopad". The building consists of two wings and a total of 4 entrances. The construction started on 10.02.2017. from the eastern wing called Vodopadi 1 (entrances A and B) and will last about 26 months (transmission deadline - autumn 2019). The apartments positioned in this section are oriented to the south / north, north / east or east / south.

Stage of construction Vodopadite 1 - as of 10.09.2017. - Elevation

Vodopadite (The Waterfalls) Wing 2

Vodopadite (The Waterfalls) 2 is the western section of the building (entrance B and entrance D).

Estimated completion of construction - December 2019
Stage of construction as of 10.11.2017 - elevation + 5.80.
Expected delivery of the building - February 2020

Tintyava Gardens Residential Complex

The luxurious residential complex "Tintyava Gardens" consists of two buildings with a total of five sections. Located in the Izgrev district, opposite the National Sports Center Diana and close to the Loven park, only 10 minutes from the city center and the Ring Road. It is located between Tintyava Str. And Samokov Str., In an area with developed infrastructure - close to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shops, administrative and public buildings, Joliot Curie Metro Station and a bus stop.

The complex was built in stages. First Stage – Wing 1, with sections A, B and V facing Tintyava Str. and the grounds of Diana

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