Vodopadite (The Waterfalls) Wing 1

Our new project in Manastirski Livadi - "Vodopadite" (The Waterfalls) is 200 meters from Todor Kableshkov Blvd., locked between the streets "Kostenski vodopad", "Ivan Kirkov" and "Boyanski vodopad". The building consists of two wings and a total of 4 entrances. The construction started on 10.02.2017. from the eastern wing called Vodopadi 1 (entrances A and B) and will last about 26 months (transmission deadline - autumn 2019). The apartments positioned in this section are oriented to the south / north, north / east or east / south.

Stage of construction Vodopadite 1 - as of 10.09.2017. - Elevation

Vodopadite (The Waterfalls) Wing 2

Vodopadite (The Waterfalls) 2 is the western section of the building (entrance B and entrance D).

Estimated completion of construction - December 2019
Stage of construction as of 10.11.2017 - elevation + 5.80.
Expected delivery of the building - February 2020

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