Apartment 201 Montmarte

Apartment 201 Montmarte
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This is an elegant two-bedroom apartment. It is located on the second floor of the building. The apartment is spacious, cozy and functional on a clean area of ​​80 sq.m.

The apartment consists of an entrance hall, a living room with a kitchenette, a children's room, a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, a second bathroom and a terrace with access from the living room.
The living room is covered with oak-colored laminate flooring and the kitchenette has gray-colored terracotta with colorful fragments. The walls are a combination of milky and graffiti gray, and the chameleon gray furniture blends elegantly with them. The Roman blinds in greenish color give coziness and soften the atmosphere. The terrace in the living room is facing Vitosha mountain and is lit all day by the sun.

The dining room features walnut-colored wooden tables with dining chairs, a combination of walnut and upholstery in sandy shades.
Kitchen furniture in cherry color is antique and rustic handles with floral threads. The kitchen is equipped with built-in appliances - fridge, oven, ceramic hob, hob, dishwasher and washing machine.

The nursery room is transient to the living room. The floor is covered with laminate flooring and the walls are in milky tones. A graphite wallpaper with silver flowers adds a sense of coziness and elegance. The window in the room reveals a view of the Rickardo Vakarini Street, at the heart of the Motopista residential complex.

The bedroom is covered with oak-colored laminate flooring and walls in the gray shades. Furnished with wenge-colored furniture, a bedroom with an ergonomic mattress, bedside tables and a tri-wing wardrobe.

The bathroom adjoining the bedroom as well as the sanitary room in the apartment are covered with faience with sandy and pastel orange tones with fine floral inlays. Decorative friezes of a colorful mosaic create interesting glare when touched by light. A white sanitary wardrobe is used, with a bathtub in the bathroom to the bedroom.

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