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Vodopadite (The Waterfalls)

Vodopadite (The Waterfalls)


Our new project in Manastirski Livadi - Vodopadite is 200 meters from Todor Kableshkov Blvd. locked between the streets "Kostenski vodopad", "Ivan Kirkov" and "Boyanski vodopad". The building consists of two wings and a total of 4 entrances.

The construction started on 10.02.2017. from the eastern wing called Vodopadi 1 (entrances A and B) and will last about 26 months (transmission deadline - autumn 2019). The apartments positioned in this section are oriented to the south / north, north / east or east / south.

The construction of the second section - Vodopadi 2, with entrances B and D, started in March 2017. The construction will continue until the end of 2019. This wing of the building is positioned in the western part of the property and its apartments have the following exhibitions: south / west, south / north and west / north.

A total of 73 apartments are designed in the building, with the best possible distribution and exposure for each of them. Typical for all Torin projects, there is a spacious common yard area with rich landscaping, high and low evergreen vegetation. In front of section 2 we provide a playground for children as well as a place for rest.

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